How to wallpaper in corners, windows & ceilings?

How to wallpaper in corners, windows & ceilings?Do not be afraid to line wallpaper in the corners, it’s very simple. You just need a wallpaper glue with good adhesion and a little skill when treating corners and edges. By following these tips, you will know how to apply wallpaper in the corners inside and out.

Wallpaper is a coating that is not exclusively reserved for the walls of a room. The wallpaper can also be placed on the ceiling. With this technique, you can multiply the configuration of each room by adding more or less original decorations to the ceiling.

When it comes to putting wallpapers on the wall, you need to pay attention to things like windows, doors and corners.

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How to put wallpaper on the ceiling?

To apply wallpaper, you must have the necessary materials to properly apply a wallpaper in kenya.

These DIY tools are:

  • A meter
  • A pencil
  • A pair of scissors
  • A cutter
  • A ruler
  • A sponge

In addition, you also need glue brush as well as specific materials such as two stepladders, broom or giraffe if you do not have a stepladder. Opt for a reinforced glue to avoid the detachment of your coatings.

Opt for a heavy paper glue that has better adhesion. When you have to decorate both the walls and the ceiling of a room, it is recommended to start the installation by the ceiling. The two-man work makes it much easier to hang the wallpapers on the ceiling. To put your strips on the ceiling, you have to fold the paper and proceed.

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How to wallpaper in corners, windows & ceilings?

Lay the wallpaper around a window

When you have to put paper around a window, it is sometimes unavoidable not to straddle around the windows. The solution to hide failing fittings is to place them behind the curtains.

To put wallpaper on these windows, you must bring scissors, metal ruler, cutter, glue, sponge and transparent silicone. You can prevent the wallpaper from peeling off by applying a clear silicone mesh at the corners of the window.

How to put wallpaper in the corners?

Having walls presentable and beautiful to see, is one of the essentials of interior design. For this, you have the choice between different coatings, including tiles, paint or wallpaper. Judged obsolete for several years, wallpapers  are making a phenomenal comeback in the homes of individuals at Kenya.

For a re-entrant angle, the ideal is to put two strips to join together and not one to put directly in the corner. Take the time to calculate the angle and the width of each wallpaper to install on both sides of the angle.

It is better to opt for a wider 3 cm wide wallpaper. Glue the paper and try to put the surplus on the other wall.

For a regular outgoing angle, the installation is simple because it is sufficient to follow the approach for the re-entrant angle. Keep an extra 4 cm wide for an irregular outgoing angle.

The market offers more materials, patterns and quality than ever before. We love it for its ease of installation, its colors that persist and simple maintenance. Here are some tips for wallpapering the corners.

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Laying wallpapers on the corners

You must start the wallpaper application from the window, door or angles. When you have to put on a piece, you have to take into account the irregular incoming and outgoing angles. For the rollers to be correctly installed, you must have the necessary materials.

The total cost of the necessary DIY tools for laying wallpapers at the corners is around 40 KSh in Kenya. You can save time by entrusting the wall covering to an experienced upholsterer. By making a free comparison of the different quotes, you can reduce the price of the whole process.

How to approach interior corners when using thin wallpaper:

  1. Measure the last piece again, adding a small excess in width (about 1 – 2 cm), and cut it.
  2. Now, put the paper just as you did with the previous ones.
  3. Press it into the corner with a wide upholstery spatula (otherwise, use a long ruler).
  4. Press the excess onto the next wall.

You should always consider a surplus, because virtually no interior corner is completely straight, and if you had to align the edge on the corner, it could create unsightly spaces.

How to line in the outer corners:

  1. Measure the width of the latter on the wall, adding a small excess (about 1 to 2 cm for wallpapers purposes, about 5 cm for those that are thick).
  2. After cutting and pasting (remember to add the soaking time for traditional wallpapers), stick the edge to edge (or taking into account an overlap, respectively) of the last one.
  3. Place it on the outside corner and press the excess onto the wall.
  4. If the wall is not completely straight, creases may appear. In this case, use the cutter to make very small cuts in these places. Now you must add the next one with an overlap to create smooth edges.

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Make the wallpaper look good on corners

How to wallpaper in corners Instructions

It is much more difficult to put wallpaper on the corners. The wallpaper must be placed side by side between the tiles.

Indeed, the ultimate goal is not only to lay the tiles, but also to have patterns that correspond to each other. You need a big table for this operation.

Calculate the height of a wall. Unroll the roll and cut them according to the height of the walls with 10 cm more. Do the same with another one while taking care to coincide the patterns between them. Number the backs of the tiles according to their laying tower.

Spread glue all over the back of each side with its edges. A well-prepared wall is a smooth wall, neither cracked nor perforated, with tracings for each.

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