Wallpaper Removal KenyaHow To Remove Old Wallpaper From Wall? [Removal Guide Kenya]

How To Remove Old Wallpaper From Wall - wallpaper Removal kenya

It must be said that removing wallpaper can be very difficult if you do not have an effective method. All you need to do is learn how to remove wallpaper and get ready to transform your entire space.

You want to take off wallpaper as part of your work?

Rather than spend hours there because of a bad technique, discover our pros tips on How to remove wallpaper from wall in home or office without damaging the wall?

remove wallpaper from walls kenyaIn which cases you must remove wallpaper from walls?

First of all, remember that removing wallpapers in Kenya is a task that can be quite long. It is better to be sure that it is essential!

In general, it is advisable to take off a tapestry when you want to change the wall covering:

  • To paint,
  • To put another wallpaper,
  • To lay tiles, etc.

Whatever your new wall covering, it is always better to remove the wallpaper before reworking on the walls, otherwise your new coating may be unsustainable or unattractive. Indeed, a coating will be perfectly durable only if it is placed on a clean and healthy support.

Taking off a wallpaper will take a few minutes to a few hours (depending on the surface to be treated), so it’s far from wasted time!

If you still hesitate to remove the tapestry, note that it is sometimes possible to clean a wallpaper. This can be a good alternative if your tapestry is of good quality, and it is not too damaged.

Starting with,

remove wallpaper kenyaIdentify Your Wall Type


  • These walls are more solid and sound dull if you knock on them.


  • Drywall is more delicate than plaster, so be careful not to damage the cardboard facing when using a wallpaper scraping tool.

Materials Required to Remove Strip Wallpaper

  • Putty Knife
  • Soap
  • Water
  • Rags

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Materials Required to Remove Traditional Wallpaper

  • Water
  • Wallpaper stripper
  • Spray bottle, garden sprayer, or paint roller
  • Putty knife
  • Scoring tool (if necessary)
  • Ladder
  • Soap
  • Water
  • Rags
  • Rubber gloves

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ways to remove wallpaper kenyaWhat are the best ways to remove wallpaper from walls?

ways to remove wallpaper kenya

Now that we have made the point, it seems important to remember that there are different solutions to take off wallpaper. And in this matter, better know it! Indeed, the removing of the wallpaper will prove very tedious if you do not know how to do it.

We are here to guide you! We have indeed listed for you the best solutions for removing wallpapers in Kenya.

remove wallpaper with a steamerHow to remove wallpaper with a steamer?

Let’s start with the simplest and most expeditious option: the steam stripper. If we would like to tell you that there are even more effective grandmother techniques, this is still the fastest solution.

A wallpaper stripper is a machine that propels steam against the paper, which helps to melt the wallpaper glue. It is used with a spatula to peel off the wallpaper.

The operation is simple:

  • The steam stripper must be filled with water and connected to an electrical outlet.
  • The stripper is equipped with a tray that releases steam. Paste this tray against the wallpaper and wait a few seconds.
  • Once the wallpaper is moistened, scrape it with a spatula. He should take off alone.

The wallpaper stripper generates a lot of moisture and heat, so you should leave the windows open during the operation. If you have a plaster wall that is already friable, this will clearly not be the best solution.

Be careful not to leave the tray against the wall too long, as this could damage the plaster. Remember that you have to prepare a wall before installing a wall covering. If your plaster wall is too wet, it will take several days to apply a new coating.

Namely: a steam stripper can be rented between 15 and 25 USD per day. Count 40 to 60 USD if you want to buy a mid-range wallpaper stripper.

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remove wallpaper with fabric softenerHow to remove wallpaper with fabric softener or Sponge?

If your wallpaper is thin, it is possible to remove without a stripper. It is necessary to always equip with a spatula, but to take moreover a sponge and a bucket of hot water.

Here’s how to remove wallpaper with this method:

  • Fill your bucket with warm or lukewarm water. Hot water will allow the wallpaper to take off more effectively.
  • Dip the sponge in the hot water, and pass it several times on the wall. The ideal is to work on a small surface (work square meter per square meter).
  • Once the paper is well soaked, use the spatula to remove the wallpaper. The spatula should be positioned flat, so as not to damage the plaster wall. Choose an old spatula or slightly rounded tip, so as not to damage the wall.
  • It may be that the wallpaper peels off in several layers. If necessary, iron the sponge to better soak it.
  • If possible, do not hesitate to rip whole pieces of wallpaper. Once the wallpaper is partially removed, the water will absorb more easily in the thickness of the wallpaper.

Without wallpaper stripper, the work will necessarily be longer. Anyway, be careful not to be too abrupt with the spatula . It’s not about digging the wall!

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remove wallpaper with stripperHow to remove wallpaper with stripper?

One last method to remove your tapestry: the chemical wallpaper stripper. There are products that make it easy to remove wallpaper, dissolve the glue and make it easy to remove the wallpaper.

To use them, you will proceed as follows:

  • There are wallpaper strippers powder, gel or spray. Always read the instructions before use.
  • Generally, a wallpaper stripper product must be diluted. It is then used in a sprayer or brush.
  • Spray the product on the entire wallpaper, and let the time shown.
  • Then you just take off the wallpaper with a spatula, or even by hand.

The disadvantage of a wallpaper stripper is that it is a chemical product. Be sure to monitor the installation conditions and wear the appropriate protections. The advantage of this method is that it is often possible to take off entire sections of wallpaper, which facilitates the cleaning of the site and makes the operation faster.

Take off wallpaper like a pro: A video

Looking for other tips for removing wallpaper? In this case, the following video gives you all the tips to successfully remove wallpaper like a pro:

Once your wallpaper removed, it remains only to check that the wall is ready to receive its new coating. Note that you can remove the wallpaper by a craftsman at the same time you do ask your new wall covering.

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