How to Remove Stain From Wallpaper and Its Border in Kenya?

how to remove stain from wallpaper and its borderThe beautiful wallpaper that you had put has just been stained? Before you start cleaning up this ugly task, there are several criteria to consider! You’ve all already held your breath at the thought of seeing your wallpaper stained accidentally, usually it’s always in the middle of the room and you never know how to Wallpaper a room in kenya

Determine your wallpaper type? Find out what type of wallpaper you actually have on your home or office walls. Once you acknowledge it, it will be easier for you to find out steps on how to remove the stain from wallpaper and its border?

To make it easier for you we have explained several questions about wallpapers for home

  • How to Clean Non Washable Wallpaper?
  • Best Way to Clean Washable Wallpaper for Home Walls?
  • How Do You Clean Leachable House Wallpapers?
  • Clean Stains From Vinyl Wallpaper for Home Walls Kenya?

Know Your Wallpaper Type & How to Get Stains Out of Wallpaper

wallpaper installation services kenyaFood, cosmetics, ink, grease, DIY and more types of tasks can be very varied. Before starting to clean the job, you need to know the nature of the job to use the right products and not damage your wallpaper. The most important thing is to do it very early and not to let the task dry up and become encrusted.

  • For greasy or make-up tasks, use talcum powder or summer powder on the area.
  • For mold stains, if your wallpaper is washable, scrub with a rag to remove the bulk of the mildew then rub the stain with a cotton swab dipped in diluted bleach.
  • For ink stains, use a cloth soaked in acetone, 90° alcohol, or White Spirit.

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If your wallpaper is not washable, first try to erase the task with a new eraser. Here are the tips for getting rid of a stain on your wallpaper:

How to Clean Non Washable Wallpaper?

Never use water to clean this wallpaper as it may curl. First, wipe off the stain with a damp rag, then rub the stain with a new eraser.

Best Way to Clean Washable Wallpaper for Home Walls?

With a cloth or sponge soaked (and wrung out!) With soapy water or white vinegar, gently rub the stain. When finished, use a dry white cloth to return to the area.

Tip: Always clean from the bottom to the top to avoid dirty water drips

How Do You Clean Leachable House Wallpapers?

No fear to have, you can use a soaked sponge (and wrung out!) Of laundry or household cleaner. Dry the area well after cleaning with a dry white cloth.

Clean Stains From Vinyl Wallpaper for Home Walls Kenya?

As this wallpaper is covered with a vinyl layer and is therefore waterproof, you can pass a wet sponge with a little soapy water on the task, without a problem.

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Steps on How to Clean and Remove Stains From Walls Wallpaper

The first trick in case of stain on the wallpaper is the speed! As soon as the package is completed, you must act quickly but well. First, we will decipher the nature of the task. That is to say, if it is oily or dry, encrusted or not and especially the type of wallpaper used. The thickness will play a lot on the method used, as well as the color and clarity of the paper. Before tackling the task it is necessary to recognize the origin of the latter. From the blood to the pen, through the fingerprints or furniture, to each problem its solution. So we selected 9 different techniques to overcome these spots.

1. The laundry surface

Some wallpapers are leachable. If your spot is on one of these media: good news! All you need is a hot water preparation and a laundry solution. For the toughest stains, add a few soda crystals to the preparation you apply with a new sponge.

If your wallpaper is not leachable, do not use water, as it may curl or discolor the paper.

2. The soap

Ideal for vinyl surfaces or for thick papers and bright color, the soap will be enough to overcome this stain. You will need colorless liquid soap. Bring a damp cloth, cover it with soap and dab the stain. Let it air dry.

3. White vinegar

If your wallpaper is fragile and the stain is encrusted it will arm you with patience and dexterity. White vinegar, miracle product of our grandmothers, could be useful again. Apply the vinegar with your cloth and leave to act.

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4. Alcohol

Your task is tough and all the other techniques did not work? It’s time to use alcohol. Bring any 70% alcoholic solution and, on a damp cloth, quickly pour the product to apply it precisely to the area. This product is to be used with caution, away from eyes and mouth.

5. The eraser

If your wallpaper is rather fragile and it seems to you tainted with a fingerprint we have the solution. Bring a new school white gum and all your concentration. In small jerks rub the surface and adjust the pressure on the stain as you go.

6. Hydrogen peroxide

For traces due to friction, it is recommended to use hydrogen peroxide. This gentle method is suitable for fragile wallpapers. Using a cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide, wipe off the trace briskly, then rinse with a sponge.

7. Ammonia

If your wallpaper has a stain inlaid with food, felt or blood it is likely that the ammonia manages to make it disappear. With a cotton swab, apply ammonia to the area. Once the stain disappears rinse your wallpaper with a cloth and hot water, at the risk of eventually discolouring the wallpaper.

8. the bleach

On white surfaces, the bleach applied with a cotton swab will allow you to get rid of liquid stains. This product is however not effective against the traces of marker and felt pen.

9. Acetone

Your wallpaper is provided with a trace of pen and the idea of using wallpaper as paper-board does not pack you. Bring a cotton swab and pure acetone and apply to the surface. This solution is effective but has the risk of lightening the wallpaper. It should be used on a light colored surface or in pastel tones.

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Do’s and Don’ts – Remove Stains From Walls and Wallpaper

remove stains from walls and wallpaper kenyaSome of its products are uncommon and for the sake of speed, it seems a good omen to take the first thing we have on hand to remove a stain. This is dangerous because it could worsen the situation by spreading the stain or embedding it deeper into the surface.

Here are the actions to ban:

  • The paper towel, a rough surface that dries and tears once in contact with your wall. If humid, it will have no other effect apart from spreading the stain and encrust a little more.
  • A colorful paper towel with printed patterns are very dangerous for your home wallpaper. Friction or moisture from the stain may release the ink and further damage the wallpaper.
  • A special magic eraser wall, the erasers are suitable for smooth surfaces and much more resistant. Although very effective for your painted walls, the magic eraser will be of no use here.

The stickers can also be stained. So, if you do not have to replace your favorite

wall sticker, you can use one of two solutions:

  • With a knife, on a plastic surface and with a flat blade not toothed, apply on the base of the stain in contact directly with the stickers. Do not press too hard at the risk of puncturing your sticker.
  • With cotton wool or flat cotton, on a paper surface apply one of the products proposed above according to the nature of the stain.

Now you know how to get rid of all your stains and keep your non-woven wallpaper intact, to know more, you can visit Raveras, as we have best wallpaper collections to decor your home or living space.