Pro Decor Tips To Combine Wallpaper And Painted Wall

wallpaper paint combination ideas kenyaMixing wallpaper and paint is a great way to create contrast and interest in a room. Whether you only want a super-expensive wallpaper wall with the rest of the room painted to blend in or a mix of colors and contrasting patterns, a combination of these two effects can produce stunning results. Scroll down to see our favorite ways of using both in designs for living room & bedroom

DECO – When associated with a painted wall, the wallpaper multiplies its decorative possibilities. Here are some rules to respect to make them coexist!

  • Wallpaper has become a must in our interiors in Kenya: there are some for all rooms of the house but also for all tastes! The trend of the moment? Associate wallpaper strips with the paint of your walls.
  • A deco idea is ideal for a chic or original style without being suffocated by too many different reasons, or explode the budget.

The options and harmonies are multiple but beware of missteps! That’s why we asked a professional interior designer to give us the advice to mix paint and paper.

The 7 Commandments for a Successful Alliance of Paint & Wallpaper

Our expert that are used to working on these issues has listed the 7 commandments for a successful alliance:

  1. Start with common colors to keep a link between wallpaper and paint. But be careful “no more than 3 paintings.
  2. Use only one strong color, no more
  3. Structuring spaces in a room with paint and wallpaper
  4. Keep a coherence between the pieces of your interiors
  5. To paint an antique furniture in a strong color by positioning it on wallpaper
  6. Let the room breathe with “whites”
  7. Take back the colors of the wallpaper in the furniture textile decoration

In an apartment of Kenya, the interior designer had the mission to decorate the room of young boy. In his room the tones are sober but the white color of the wall goes perfectly with the paper that dresses the corner of the wall at the head of the bed.

In the boy’s room, the wallpaper allows to delimit its headboard and to give the colors of decoration and accessories: gray, black and white.

wallpaper that looks like painted walls

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Create Space And Showcasing Wallpaper

Depending on the space, you can make a wall of paint and a whole other wallpaper, but our expert speaks of more “space and enhancement”.

We can decide, for example, a corner bed in a room that can be highlighted with paint and the desk in the corner with wallpaper to keep the harmony of the room!

This is what you can see in this room where the green headboard recalls that of the wallpaper while adapting perfectly to the whiteness of the moldings of this piece.

deciding between wallpaper and paintAnother example, in this stay where the wallpaper wall gives a jungle style. It allows to integrate a part of the corridor to the living room and therefore to enlarge the room. The desk area is highlighted with a blue paint, the rest of the room is white.

To Combine Wallpaper And Paint on A Wall

It is important to prolong a wallpaper by taking the color of the background. For example, the interior designer has sublimated a corridor with a blue graphic wallpaper with a paint of the same color. With this tonal effect, the wallpaper seems to extend over the entire wall.

combine wallpaper paint on a wallIf you have basement moldings, it is possible too: remember to cover the lower part with paint and install the wallpaper in the upper part.

Decorative Trends for A Perfect Combination of Paint And Wallpaper

Once you have defined where to put the wallpaper, still remains the question of style. Check below in details 3 unavoidable trends:

  1. Organic Bohemian style is very fashionable right now with a lot of green white, materials like wicker, cork a lot of green plants. The wallpapers can be vegetal, flowery.
  2. Not to mention the Art Deco: which has its place also with many wallpapers with geometric patterns of cubist spirit, brass, velvet for a crazy chic!
  3. And to finish the return of the Memphis style of the 80s: “bright pop colors, asymmetrical patterns, a few touches kitsch and graphic is a very fun trend!

botanical-floral-wallpaperTo know more about the wallpaper then read our selection of tips to choose & buy the right wallpaper in Kenya.

When you contact Raveras for wallpapers in kenya and paint project, our specialists will look at the wallpaper you have selected or what is already on the walls where you want to add paint. They will then guide you through their wide selection of wallpapers and help you choose a shade of paint based on the color, design and types of wallpaper in Kenya

geometric pattern wallpaper kenyaIf you like the idea of a combination of wallpaper and paint, but you do not know where to start, you will find many interesting design ideas to view online. Sites like Pinterest offer amazing combinations of wallpapers and paintings. Do a little research and let your creativity run wild, then once you have defined your plan, let Raveras help you the rest of the way.

To learn more about how Raveras can help you with wallpaper and paint combinations for all your home decor needs, contact us today.