How to visually enlarge a small room with wallpaper?

how to visually enlarge a small room with wallpaperDo you have a small room that you would like to enlarge visually? It’s not easy to know which color lends itself to the changes to widen a room that is too narrow, or to give an impression of height when the ceiling is low. Enlarge a room with color is easy when you know how the colors work.

Here is a difficulty that we all meet at one time or another: we have to create a new child’s room or a bathroom but the room is desperately too long and too narrow because we had to create it on a regular basis. space gained in the house, under the eaves for example. What to do? Of course, we will never manage to “push the walls” but it is good to know a little about the optical effects governed by some fundamental rules along with the wallpapers.

 Popular Living Room Colors Ideas

3D-Wallpapers-Kenya-Designs-For-Living-Room-BedroomAt first, you must know that a dark color: black, navy blue, raspberry, etc stand out from clear outlines and comes close to you. Thus, a dark wallpaper in the bottom of the living room will be very favorable: it will remove a little the impression of being in a long narrow corridor since the wall of the bottom will “unhook” and will approach you: this is what will soothe your eyes when you arrive in the room!

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Watch Out for the Walls

In the same way, take care of the walls that are too long. One can in the middle of a long wall of light background upholster on two or three strips only. We will choose here also a dark-light contrast. The two or three strips of vertical wallpaper will create a rhythm break on the long wall. The eye is distracted by this break and the distance from the wall is diminished.

The Coating of Your Soil

Let’s be careful also regarding the coating of your soil. Whether it presents patterns or lines like the parquet flooring, you will arrange them in the direction of the width: the patterns will be perpendicular to the long walls. Thus it will give a clear effect of widening, the motive giving the visual impression to come to push the wall.

Segmentation of Visual Space in a Room

how to wallpaper a room guideIn general, we must proceed to a segmentation of the visual space. It’s the same with your furniture. Arrange the desk, the bed, “scattered” in the room but especially not along the walls, which would accentuate the effect of alignment. Remember to hang on the wall shelves that leave a visible space on the floor. We will try not to overload the piece of furniture because this principle of “division of space” with the wallpaper and the color will be less striking if it is obscured by the furniture.

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How to Choose the New Colors of a Room?

how to choose the perfect wallpaper for a roomTo wallpaper a room, the choice of colors is terribly big! Take the example of the living room, all in length, you would like to give it a little more space without cutting down the partition. Or the dark hallway deserves to change its color as long as you can make it brighter without window.

Your interest in decor tips shows that you do like it, but when it comes to picking one for you, you often find yourself in the store in front of the shelf. Of course, each piece has its own solution, and the intervention of a pro wallpaper installer is a solution that must be considered for a custom realization, but there are still some known DIY tips.

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Which Wallpaper to Enlarge a Narrow Room?

how to make a room look bigger in kenyaNothing’s easier! Your problem lies in the impression of real nonchalance or not that the room provides. To change this, simply select the hues you will use for your walls. Stand at the entrance of the room: imagine that the back wall is dark wallpapered.

Now your room, living room, dining room or bedroom becomes bigger with the help of dark wallpaper!

What Paint Colors to Reduce the Height of a Room?

With high ceilings, rooms can seem cold. You can play with the colors to diminish this impression and make the height less important visually. This time it is enough to paint the ceiling a shade darker than the wallpaper on walls of the room. The color does not have to be very strong, you just have to make one or two shades darker than the one you use on the wall.

Which Shades to Choose to Increase the Height of a Room?

how to choose shades to make your room look biggerHere is the opposite effect you want to make: it will be necessary that the ground is darker than the colors of the walls and the ceiling. You must create a sense of space: either the walls and ceiling are the same shade, or the walls are slightly darker than the ceiling. Under no circumstances should the ceiling be darker than the walls. You could create an oppressive feeling.

If you still struggle with the decor of a small room, have no idea, we are here to help you. Our backup solution happens to be the 3D effect wallpaper!

3d Wallpaper a Cure for Small Surfaces

3d wallpaper for small room Surface kenyaThe current offer of wallpapers is more than impressive. We can find laminated vinyl wallpapers, with graphics and photos, standard or customized, waterproof and stickers and even some that shine! This wide range of models allows you to have at your fingertips an original decor and full of style. The only thing left to do is to choose the right wallpapers model. As far as we are concerned, this choice is clear – the 3D effect wallpapers. Thanks to these, a small room will gain a few extra square meters. In the blink of an eye you can enjoy a more spacious living room. How is it possible?

The inexpensive and easy to install 3D wallpaper brings a touch of 3D to the interior design. Our eye is deceived by the use of a certain arrangement of patterns in space or a superposition of several planes. We come to see depth where it does not really exist. 3D wallpapers work just like a visual illusion but the effect is comparable to the one you would have achieved by literally moving the walls to gain surface.

Do Not Forget the Light

30 modern wallpaper design ideas for homeLight is also a way to visually enlarge the surface of a room. If in your room, lacks daylight, your main task will be to lighten it with the appropriate colors. In this case, you have to start with two things. First, select a paint that will make your walls slightly shiny. So your walls will reflect the light which will lighten the interior. Second, opt for a clear 3D wallpaper, the choice of model belongs to you – you will just have to give up the dark colors that tend to dominate. On Raveras the offer on wallpaper Kenya and its patterns are so rich that you will find without problem. A wallpaper that will not only beautiful but that will also solve your expectations more concrete.

Do not forget, warm colors such as orange, red, yellow or pink define the room, while cool colors such as blue, green or purple enhance the outlook. In case of doubt, contact Raveras which can give you the advice on the colors to choose, do not hesitate!

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