How To Wallpaper A Room In Kenya – A Complete Guide

How To Wallpaper A Room In Kenya - A Complete Guide Are you still confused in opting  or how to choose paint or wallpaper best for Home Or Office Walls? No need to worry, wallpapers can solve your purpose clearly and give your spaces a completely new look. A long time ago, it was only the use of a few basic colors, flowers and yes, there were few exceptions as well. Since then the wall decoration has evolved taking an important role in the world of interior design.

Nowadays, the use of wallpaper has increased and there is obviously an ample amount of wallpaper choices in the market to pick the best one as per your demand. Whether you want to keep it crisp, retro, patterned, modern, or perhaps a bit dramatic. You definitely have countless colors, patterns and more.

Now, if you have already thought of wallpapering a room then the right tools are needed as well. You should have the best tools required that are affordable and can definitely save a lot of time and hassle. In this blog, we would like to let you know that collaborating with Raveras in Kenya can simply help you get the best in hands and will always be there to assist you with simple tips and tricks used in wallpapers in kenya. Let’s have a look on how to wallpaper a room and what are the tools needed for the same.

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How To Measure The Wall For Wallpaper?

how to measure the wall for wallpaper in kenya

After all the preparation work, you will finally really be able to start painting! So, take a deep breath and think about the end result! To be sure that everything will go smoothly, you have to measure the wall again. We have already measured it to determine the amount of rolls of wallpaper we need, but as the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

  • Use your folding meter or tape measure to measure the height of the wall at different points. The longest or the tallest part of the wall is the initial dimension to cut the wallpaper. As a precaution, add 5 cm up and down so that you can deal with potential differences in wall height if necessary.
  • If you want to know how many slices you can cut into a roll, simply divide the length of the roll by the height of the wall (+ the repetition of a half-pattern). Repetition of the pattern will be indicated on the wallpaper label, eg. 54 cm.
  • Then you have to think about the number of tiles that will be needed for the wall. The important factors in determining this are the width of the wall as well as that of the wallpaper.
  • Use your folding meter or tape measure to measure the width of the wall. You can find the width on the wallpaper label, or you just have to measure it again. Imagine that the width of the wall is 4.00 meters and that the width of the roll is 0.52 meters: you will have about 8 less.

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Tools Needed To Hang Wallpaper

tools needed to hang wallpaper kenya

  • Rubber gloves
  • Buckets
  • Paint roller
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint tray
  • Sponge
  • Sandpaper
  • Straight edge
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Primer
  • Drywall compound
  • Large and small putty knife
  • Utility knife
  • Adhesive, tray, brush, wallpaper smoothing brush, seam roller wallpaper

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Cutting The Wallpaper According To The Room Measurements:

Trimming: The batch number and same design of each roll should be checked carefully. Measure one wall from the bottom edge up to the ceiling. Add 10 cm for trimming. Now cut the first length. Try to use this exact length for cutting out the rest of the wallpaper into the same lengths.

Switches and Sockets: These must be dealt with care and precautions. When you get to a switch or socket, please ensure to turn off the power supply. Now mark the four corners and cut diagonally across to leave an opening slightly smaller than the faceplate of the socket or switch. This forms four flaps that you can crease against the side of the fitting and then trim off against its edges with a sharp knife.

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Why The Middle Of The Wall?

You must have questions in you mind related to Wallpapers For Home – Basics For Choosing the Right Style? Why not go for the window? This is usually the case, but when it comes to wallpapers with large patterns, the middle of the wall is the most visible place to start the wallpaper. All of this is connected with our visual perception.

How to Wallpaper a Room Step by Step Guide:

how to wallpaper a room step by step guide

  1. Try to use a wall-size primer. Using the same will help the paper stick to the wall and reduce its chance of shrinking. Also, it becomes easy to remove the paper when it’s needed.
  2. Apply paste with the paint roller to apply it perfectly on the wallpapers. You can use water to get strong adhesion.
  3. Starting from an inside corner is bit easy, allow approx. ⅛ inch overlap on wallpaper from the adjacent wall.
  4. Apply the paper on the wall, ensure to run a smoother to each square inch of the paper and do it gently otherwise you may squeeze out the paste and stretch the wallpaper.
  5. Ensure to clean up the paste before it dries. You can do it with the help of sponges that will be useful.
  6. Avoid squeezing too hard and overlap each panel over the other and cut down the middle of the overlap.

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Wallpapering Into Around Corners:

how to apply wallpaper on the wall corners & around in kenya

It may be bit tricky so try to follow the below-listed steps:

  • Paste the wallpaper into two halves.
  • Measure from the edge of the last strip to the corner, add another 15mm before cutting any strip as this can wrap around the corner onto the next wall.
  • Repeat the process and start with the same process for the next strip until you get the result.

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How To Wallpaper An Arch Or Round Window

how to wallpaper an arch or round window

  • Wallpaper up to, and over the arch.
  • Be careful and trim around the shape of the arch allowing a 25 -40mm overhang.
  • Cut small triangles out of the overhang that forms wedges, or tabs, so that it becomes easy for you to fold it back.

Enhance your creativity and do the desired wallpaper with the help of our professional tips. We at Raveras, can assist you on how to choose & buy the right wallpaper in kenya? Something too modern in a traditional home or a graphic black and white color scheme or a simple classical design in a space you would love, we can customize it for you as per your choice.