How Much Does Wallpaper Cost in Kenya?

cost of Wallpaper in Kenya

There are several types of wallpaper and the prices are very variable. The most common are traditional wallpaper and non-woven wallpaper. Here are some examples of prices for different wallpapers as well as for the installation of these. Should we call on a professional? What is the cost of Wallpaper in Kenya? How To Choose & Buy The Right Wallpaper In Kenya?

 What are the Prices of Wallpapers in Kenya?

The one we use the most and which is the cheapest is the traditional wallpaper, it is found on the market from 100 KSh the standard roll (0.53×10 meter), and in several colors or patterns. You can even opt for non-woven wallpaper which has many advantages as it is thicker than traditional wallpaper. It is compatible with wet rooms and washable, which makes it a good bathroom wallpaper for example. It is found on the market between 200 and 2250 KSh per roll. Of course, there are many other wallpapers, here are some examples: the totally waterproof vinyl wallpaper too (from 300 to 500 KSh), or the wallpaper to paint a little thicker than the others (from 100 to 300 KSh).

Should we call on a professional upholsterer?

If it is easy enough to put a wallpaper on the wall by yourself, it is still necessary to know the state of the wall on which the wallpaper will be placed. The smoother the surface, the easier it will be to glue the wallpaper, and therefore easy to get by for a reasonable price. However, you must calculate how many rolls you will need to avoid spending unnecessary amounts.

If the installation by a wallpaper kenya professional is required, you will, of course, have to make several quotes by different craftsmen. The price of a professional is usually calculated in hours or square meters. On average, an artisan will ask 500Ksh for an hour worked, so for an average piece, the price will rise on average around 300 to 400 KSh. Square meter, count a budget of about 600 KSh, and a little more if the wall needs some care.

Cost Of  Wallpapers in Kenya

How Much does Wallpaper Cost in Kenya

Among the wide range of styles and textures available in stores, there are four types of wallpapers: vinyl-coated wallpaper, textile upholstery, vinyl on paper or panel, vinyl lined textile. Each coating has advantages and disadvantages of its own, adapting better than others to certain parts.

 Vinyl-coated wallpaper Price in Kenya

wallpaper Price in Kenya

Very versatile, vinyl-coated wallpaper is suitable for most rooms, but especially for the kitchen and bathroom because of its excellent resistance to humidity. It consists of the printed paper on the surface of which is sprayed an acrylic emulsion or PVC (polyvinyl chloride). This waterproof layer makes it easier to maintain paper and is insensitive to grease and moisture.

Its paper support makes it easy to install and divide. Popular and widely distributed, vinyl coated wallpaper is currently sold at an average price of 500 KSh per roll.

Textile tapestry

Direct printing patterns obtain the textile tapestry on a vinyl coated canvas or acrylic coating. More breathable and of better quality than vinyl-coated wallpaper, this type of wallpaper is also twice as expensive while having the disadvantage of absorbing moisture instead of repelling it. It is also a wall coating not recommended for kitchens and bathrooms, and in certain climates of Kenya, in homes subject to prolonged humidity, without air conditioning.

 Vinyl on Paper Cost in Kenya

wallpaper Price in Kenya

This type of tapestry, also known as ” vinyl panel” is incredibly durable and easy to clean. This coating consists of a paper substrate laminated with an acrylic layer to obtain a rigid surface decorated with ornamental motifs. Rigid vinyl panels on paper are often embossed to create a textured texture, providing a more dynamic alternative to vinyl-coated wallpapers for a comparable price of 300 KSh per roll on average.

This type of wallpaper is easy to take off and detach from the wall. However, it can not hold well on the wall in some very busy rooms, such as an entrance hall.

 Vinyl lined textile Wallpaper Prices in Kenya

Wallpaper Prices in Kenya

Like vinyl-coated paper, textile- lined vinyl upholstery offers a sturdy, moisture-resistant surface made of acrylic or vinyl. However, as its name suggests, it is a coated canvas rather than a wallpaper. This composition gives it extreme durability and excellent tear resistance, as well as good impermeability. This tapestry is therefore commonly used in busy areas, especially in commercial sites. Depending on the design, the price of the roll is between 400 and 600 KSh.

Less common types of wallpapers in Kenya

You will also find in the trade of many other types of wallpapers, traditional and more sophisticated, including how printed velvet paper, smooth metallic sheet of wallpaper in natural bamboo fiber, and even ordinary imitation Kraft paper. These more original options are generally more expensive (with the exception of plain paper), and more fragile than the coatings or vinyl popular in home décor stores.

Therefore, choosing between premium wallpaper or a less common alternative involves comparing designs, prices and quality of materials according to the factors affecting each piece. To get these wallpaper at a reasonable price, contact Raveras and book your lot at the discounted price.

Although the price of wallpaper may vary considerably depending on quality, embossing, brand and material, the average cost is between 100 and 300 KSh per roll.

The installation cost will be a little higher once the hanging supplies such as sponges, rollers, brushes, dough (if necessary) and blades included. A room of 10 x 10 feet should require about 6 rolls. So, on average, for a room of this size, you can expect to pay 700 to 1,000 KSh plus the cost of supplies.

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